Do you really need a flu shot for 2012 2013?

So far a lot of people I know are getting some kind of common cold, especially in the East Coast or where it’s really cold, it’s winter time, what you expect?

With the CDC announcing this year 2012 2013 winter flu season could be the worst! however from what I can re-call they said this every single year, but it’s not as bad as the previous previous year. So, do you need a flu shot? I would yes, if you have been getting one, or you work in an environment where you come in contact with people or can get the flu easily due to the cold and weather related changing rapidly constantly.

If you have a flu and get a flu shot, it does not help cure your flu, a flu shot will basically help prevent getting a flu, all flu? no not all, just all the known flu viruses. For me I have not been getting a flu shot for a few years and I don’t recall I have a flu or common cold, I do have sore throat once in a while that’s about it.  But, it just that because I’m home all the time, working from home and always have inside temperature at 70 degree F heat, but watch out for dry air could cause nose bleed 🙂

Bottom line, get a flu shot if you can, laziness doesn’t define “you cannot”.