Bestbuy Capital One Card Services We are unable to grant your request to remove late fees from your account

I think this is bad how BestBuy Capital One Card Services treat their customer. My bank automatic BillPay missed the payment or somehow the payment didn’t get through, it missed by one day, and no mercy, even though my account was in good standing with them, they don’t care and will not take back the $25 late fee, and finance charge. Well good bye BestBuy and good bye Capital One, I’ll be writing about your companies, how bad you treated me in this case and will be in contact with other people whom encountered same treatment to let you know that there are better credit card companies out there that we can go to and we’re staying away from BestBuy and Capital One. I can tell you that other credit card services has much better service than you, they understand the customer and take it into consideration, and in this case your company BestBuy Capital One you don’t, you simply have no mercy and gave me a “NO” even though my payment has been excellent, on top of that, it’s the BillPay company that made this error not me. If we do a Capital One sucks search on google, there are many related stories to my stories.

Updated 10/24/2012: what a coincidence that I just turned on CNN news and saw big scam fraud violation involved Capital One and Country Wide, read it link below. Basically Capital One cheated and provide loans to people who does not qualify and know that they will fail not able to pay for it but they will loan them anyways just to make themselves look good and destroyed other people’s lives. There will be judgement coming soon involve Capital One and Country Wide.

 Updated 10/25/2012: Got another respond in regard me asking for consideration on refunding the $25 late fee, there respond was a quick flat NO, and asked me to feel free and close the account and other business with Capital One, they don’t care! The worst Financial Company ever, Capital One! Stay away from Capital One people if you don’t want to waste your time effort trying to work things out with them, they will use every bits and pieces of rule they have with no mercy! Bestbuy should move out of Capital One, otherwise will make Bestbuy look bad too.

Updated again 10/25/2012: No help from my First Niagara Bill Payment support either and they got the date wrong, it was submitted on 10/5 why they say 10/9, clearly the problem was 10/5 was a Friday, 10/6 and 10/7 was a weekend, and so 10/8 and 10/9 an extra 2 days, total of 3 business days and still didn’t get it posted, I don’t get it, very bad!?   Dear , Thank you for contacting Bill Pay Support. We show that your payment was remitted to your payee electronically on 10/9/2012. The estimated arrival for this payment was 10/10/2012. For electronic payments, it is recommended that you coordinate the estimated arrival date with the due date of your bill. In most cases, these payments are received within 2 business days from the paid date; this does not include weekends or holidays. If your payment has not posted within this timeframe, please verify the payee information from a current payee statement to ensure all is correct within your bill pay site. Bill Pay has no control on when payments are posted to an account with the payee. Each payee has their own procedure for processing payments. As a result, it is unknown when payments will be posted for each particular payee. It is recommended that you coordinate your payment due date with the estimated arrival date. In most cases, electronic payments take 2 business days from the paid date to be received. If your payment was posted considerably longer than that timeframe, please go to Payees; View Payees; Edit to ensure the payee information is correct according to a current payee statement. Payment posting issues generally arise from incorrect payee information. If you have any questions or need additional assistance in researching this payment, please reply to this message or contact us by phone at 866-956-6849. Have A Wonderful Day! Amy Bill Pay Support

 BY THE WAY, this is not about $25, it’s about Financial Company does not care about their customer situation and took advantage as much as they can to get all of our money!

Last update I hope 🙂 LOL: OK so, I just found out on the statement it said HSBC (Issued by HSBC) I believe it’s a bank, somehow it has Capital One as customer service whom been responding to my email. What is up with Bestbuy, Capital One and HSBC? Cowboom and Dealtree and other Bestbuy products, don’t get it! I would stay away from these companies that has these types connections going on.


stay away from capital one credit services especially bestbuy it has ruin people's credit given no mercy charges all the late fees and more

stay away from capital one credit services especially bestbuy it has ruin people’s credit given no mercy charges all the late fees and more


I cannot paste the whole email due to the warning, so here’s the main point I want to show how they responded. Other credit card companies can do better job.

Your payment, due on 10/09/2012 was received on 10/10/2012. A Late Fee posted
to your Account. All Late Fees are billed under a fee plan for which interest
charges are assessed at the standard interest on the Account until the fee is
paid in full.

We are unable to grant your request to remove late fees from your account.
You can sign up for optional text or eMail alerts that tell you when payments
are due. Simply go to the Personal Profile tab and click on Update Alert

Our Online Bill Pay service does not automatically withdraw funds from your
bank Account each month. However, you can schedule individual payments for
twelve months in advance. To ensure your minimum payment is paid by your
payment due date, please schedule your payments for a date which is before the
09th of each month.