Check all your bank accounts and credit card balance and get a free credit report

I think it’s that time of the year for you to check all your financial account balance, such as banks account checking savings, credit cards, department store credit card, store credit card, 401k, investments, and so on, check all of them, ensure it look right. You may never know there might be hidden charges due to policy or terms of service changes that they sent to you via email or letter mail but you didn’t pay attention. There might also be finance charge fee and stuff. Once you do that get a free credit report, the government force the top three credit report rating companies to give at least one credit report to you free, so take advantage of it.

Credit report is important, at least get it once a year and review it carefully. This is the government FTC website to get your free credit report, don’t worry it’s a government website you can trust it more than other sites. Although I don’t trust any sites, just be careful, be vigilant.

If you have a lot of bank accounts financial accounts to manage, you can use software such as quickbook to manage or other online services, what it does is it login into your account to retrieve balance and sends it to you as often as you wish such as weekly and daily if you want to. The only problem is if you change your password it will not be able to retrieve.