Updates on my binary options trading after straight loss

So I use a new strategy, previously I just bet 100 on each of the commodities for trading, but now I’m using a new strategy which is to study the trend carefully of each, and where the trend will yield most probability Up or Down I would bet 1000 on that one for a sure win 🙂 LOL and I guess it kind of work, or maybe I got lucky, just bet on one large amount and know for sure if it’s up or down accurate analysis.

Previously my balance was

Your balance is: ¢3,304.70

After taking big loss over half of the balance.

My new balance for today is:

Welcome back thongtran

Your balance is: ¢3,944.70

So I gained a little bit: ¢640.00

Using the new method, one quality bet that for sure the probability is on my side 🙂

Will see how well it will do, see ya tomorrow!