Using Paypal Smart Connect is very beneficial in term of security and earnings some cash back

Paypal Smart Connect probably not the only one out there that offers cash back via check or gift card or store card. For me I use paypal quite a bit, so why not earn from it? Here are the beneficial that I see for me, since I shop a lot on ebay and other places that accept paypal. Paypal no doubt very secure they’re a big company that owned by ebay/

  1. Paypal is secure, and Smart Connect is a part of Paypal.
  2. Purchased stuff pay by paypal but switch to funding as Smart Connect or also known as buy now pay now, but bill later at the end of the month. So basically you buy and paid, but it’s like a credit card, that paid for you and then you pay for it at the end of the billing cycle, no interest if you paid the balance monthly, in which what I did.
  3. Every purchases you made, you earned reward points, the rewards can then convert into cash or gift card of your choice to buy something else. For me, I believe monthly I received a $25 gift card for ebay, since I buy a lot and I always paid off the balance.

Again paypal isn’t the only one, but just example that should help you manage your money paying bills and buying items more efficiently with benefits. Just make sure you can afford the item and have that amount of money each month to pay for the statement of Paypal Smart connect, otherwise you will get charge with late fees and interest! So use it smartly 🙂