What is up with First Niagara bank ATM at Airport Rd in Coatesville PA?

I have a small business bank checking account with this bank, and  I don’t have the flexibility of going to this bank during business hours, and all I want to do is a make a check deposit, however many times I stop there at night time, the ATM said it’s not service, 1 or 2 times are fine, but this is like ongoing for many times already, like last night I stop by there to withdraw $40 cash and guess what? it said not available please try another location, fork this bank LOL. Why are they putting it off line? to prevent robbery? what the EP! I’m thinking of banking somewhere else, just that this bank is closer to home than others, maybe I should do online bank that offer android iphone app that allow me to deposit check just by taking snapshot of the check, that is so awesome and convenient like TechCU Technology Credit union, I think other banks are doing that also, such as Chase, it would be awesome more, if we can have a couple ATM cash withdraw for free, damn! I hate this bank First Niagara in Coatesville PA Airport Rd.