$3 Million dollars Bitcoin value for KNCMiner in 4 days

How’s that for a business huh? Within four days of shipments its KNCMiners, which are all sold out now even for future orders and production toward year 2014. This is how good of a service they are versus Butterfly Lab, BFL, which have horrible promise lots of trouble making commitment and eventually all the Bitcoin Miners geared toward KNCminer instead of BFL.

This is a good proof of good business that commit to their deliverable result in massive income and gained trusts from customers. Apparently BFL does not have what KNCMiner have. BFL kept on delaying and delaying weeks, then months, then one whole year, there are still backlog BFL was not able to complete, and surprisingly BFL still sells those slow jalapeno which mine at a snail rate the customer will never get their return of investment back anytime soon.

KNCminer appears to have faster developer team that can complete developing faster, and plus we’re talking about non-american engineering. Sorry to say, American does have quality equipment and compliance, but slower production. While Eruopean, in this case KNCminer, they probably have better developer with the motivation to finish the project as committed. Good for KNCminer, they have proven it and earned.