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I think this is kind of good news for some people, or some people whom are skeptical about way of business. Wrong estimate all the time, 3 weeks, then 3 months, then 1 year backlog. So to clear all the confusion and also to elaborate more on what the meaning of item in stock, start shipping date such as December 30th 2013.

Many people whom had subscribed to BFL news update should have received a news letter on their products new pricing, pre-order and ready to ship items. See below.

My personal opinion is that the 230 GH/s rack mount probably ship on the first come first serve basis. Although they said shipping December 30th 2013, if you’re the 100th last people purchasing it, don’t expect the ship date is December 30th 2014, as I don’t BFL have that man power to handle such volume in one day, so as a result if you’re the first 10 people they might be able to ship it on December 30th 2013 if your payment cleared. The only way your payment cleared immediately is to pay by Bitcoin, other payment methods would take time from your bank and BFL bank. So instead of buying the 230GH/s, think about getting the four 50 GH/s machine, 200 GH/s $4k ship immediately.

From: BFL News
Sent: Thursday, January 2, 2014
Subject: BFL News

Dear ,

We’ve received an enthusiastic response to our New Years sale promotion.

In fact, customer service has been flooded with emails wanting to know more about expected shipping times for our 65nm, in stock items. So many emails have come in with this same question that we’re unlikely to get through answering them before the sale is over. With this in mind, we thought we’d proactively send the answer out to all of our customers.

In Stock Shipping Guarantee

Any 65nm items marked as in stock on the website are sitting on the shelf and will be shipped within a few business days of processing your order. Please note that orders are only processed when full payment has been received. This means it may take up to a week for bankwire or ACH transactions because these have to be cleared by the bank. International wires or ACH and wires initiated around the holidays may take even longer because of bank closures. These things are out of our control.

Once we have confirmation of payment, we process orders immediately.

After reading about the above variables, if you still feel like your order is taking longer than expected, feel free to request a full refund prior to your order having been shipped.

Thanks you for your interest and have a great 2014!

Kind regards,
Butterfly Labs
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