Bitcoin BTC block# 233512 my miner found it

At last one my worker doing Bitcoin mining on Slush’s pool found a block, I think it was a success. So this one block worth 25 BTC which is  about $3,000 WOW huh!? Anyhow, it get split among members on the pool calculated the share based your hash rate and so on.

Now if I were to mine solo and found this block, I would pocket 25BTC just like that 🙂 how’s that for a day work LOL, unfortunately it takes days even weeks or months to get a block now a day as the level of difficulty increased. While back, if you found a block, it worth 50BTC, but today it’s 25 BTC and eventually probably come down to 1BTC. So anyone thinking of BTC mining even with ASiC good luck 🙂