Bitcoin BTC difficulty level rise while the price go down and more ASIC are now in the wild

Loosing faith? Loosing hope yet? you miner out there including me LOL. Well, based on what I have observed over the past few weeks, BTC value between 100 and 150, so I don’t know how those people can predict  BTC will go up to $500 or more by the end of 2103? doesn’t look like it.

On top of that, bad news for GPU miner, if you’re late in the game it’s even worst, you probably spent a bunch of money on GPU equipment and paying electricity bill monthly, but don’t see any profit, or you spent a bunch of money on ASIC equipment from Butterfly Labs and don’t know if they will ever ship and if they do ship, by that time, the level difficulty rise so high even if you have a 60GH/s system, you would be making  $1 a day the most, how does that sounds huh?

On a positive note, we don’t really know what will happen, but as you can see BTC has risen to over $250 at one point, and it will hit that mark again. So even if you just have like 100 BTC, if it rise to $250, your 100 BTC will become $25K how’s that sound huh? 🙂

Well for me, I think I just started mining like a month, yeah I did spent a ton of money on GPU and stuff, and I’m hoping to get 100BTC sometime soon, if the level difficult doesn’t rise more than what it is now. However I guess I can always switch to  mining Litecoin and exchange for BTC 🙂 seems to be more profitable. Keep in mind, more ASIC are now being shipped and the level of difficulty rise and rise so fast so high, GPU miner all will fall off and ASIC took over and even with ASIC less and less coin will be distributed.