Bitcoin BTC mining with the heat wave east coast 2013

Almost a week, and it will be a week of heat wave here in the East Coast, while I continue to mine for Bitcoin BTC. My AC has been running all day all night, the GPU fan has been working double time to cool the GPU, the circulation fan max out its speed, back fan readily available. As the BTC price fall and the level of BTC mining difficulty rise, what is there to profit? F that. I continue to mine knowing my electric bill would be in the thousand.

I told people to stop mining with GPU, and yet I continue to mine with GPU, switching to Litecoin soon, dont’ know when, seems like I can make $200 more a month with Litecoin, consistently.

The good news is that I was able to build that force air system to cool all my mining hardware. Basic simple construction, like Butterfly lab box, but 100 times larger LOL, one fan on each end and force cool air one end and hot air out from the other end.