Bitcoin BTC price over $1000 per BTC when will it end? Litecoin up over $26 per LTC

Bitcoin BTC price soaring to over $1000 per BTC. Making a lot of people happy, happy for Thanksgiving, and off course getting ready for Christmas as well. What will be the price before year end 2013 going to look like for Bitcoin? Anybody willing to bet that it will be over $2000? or will get it crashed or reset to stabablize at $500 or less? The truth is, no body know.

For several weeks now, it hasn’t come down, it kept on going up and up, it brought litecoin LTC price with it, in fact the LTC Litecoin surpassing ¬†BTC Bitcoin price mining perspective. If you mine 800mh/s Bitcoin, that’s 800kh/s Litecoin, you would profit a lot more with Litecoin, I thin you get the point. Litecoin price at $26 per coin, so anyone mining with their GPU to get Litecoin must be pretty wealthy now, might want to consider dumping some of the Litecoin now but keep some though.

The thing with LTC is that you can still mine using GPU, and make money with it. If you can mine 10000kh/s, you can make a nice living with it, because the price of Litecoin is so high at $27 per coin. Your 10000kh/s LTC miner can produce 6 to 7 coins per day, that’s $150 daily, for doing nothing really, right? You invest money on equipment to make money, that’s all you’re doing. However the scary thing is, when will Litecoin Bitcoin reset itself or will it crashed or continue to climb for a long time? sadly no one know! excitingly people whom had held on to their coin for a long time, now is the time to cash out, don’t be greedy, but ensure to still keep some.