Bitcoin BTC value drop and will continue to drop as I have predicted a few days ago

Bitcoin miner, are you still mining with GPU? yeah sure you say you get free electricity, wait until the landlord or the company find out you have abusing the free electricity you get and you’ll be in bigger trouble. Anyhow, GPU miner, legit electricity paying folks, you should have switch over to Litecoin mining a long time ago if not done so today. As the Bitcon BTC value price dropped and will probably continue to drop due to various reasons, not much developments in the Bitcoin news, so the value stable at about $80-$90 or lower, chances of it at $100s is low!

So if you do your match, you will see that you will make more money if you mine Litecoin and exchange it for Bitcoin BTC, take instant for 8000mh/s making about $600 a month, electricity is how much it will cost to get $600, if you switch over to Litecoin, you will make $800, at least you profit a couple hundreds. If some cases electricity cost way too much to mine any digital coins at all. So it’s probably better to sell your equipment hardware computer and kick back relax until your asic arrived, assuming you have ASIC on order LOL. Go for KNCminer, a super speed of at least 100GH/s for $1000 or less, 350GH/s for about $2-$3k