Bitcoin Litecoin down down while difficulty level rised

The thing about Bitcoin is that, a lot of new Bitcoin miner manufacturers are popping up with incredible speed of mining, and we’re talking about 2TH/s, 3 TH/s system that cost the same as the BFL 600 GH/s. How is BFL (Butterfly Lab) can compete with these new manufacturers? BFL 600 GH/s cost > $4,000 each and they have not ship any of this Monarch 600 GH/s yet. Although BFL estimated that starting in December 2013, but so far end of of December already and no shipment, but then people should know BFL estimate are way off, never right, like the previous ASIC, was delayed close to a year.

BFL need to make more accurate prediction otherwise they will loose customers, because now they have competitors, but these competitors have limited system manufactured. Sometime I also wonder why limited? My speculation is that these manufacturer kept a few to themselves and mined Bitcoin and profit from it, win win situation for the Manufacturers. While the customers suffered when the Bitcoin price goes down like it does likely from $1000 down to $600 and possibly $500 soon, and the difficulty level keep going up and by end of this year Bitcoin BTC level difficulty will be way over 1 Billion. In Jan, Feb, March, the difficulty will quad triple once BFL and other manufacturers shipped their Terahash equipment as scheduled. So if you’re making $100 a month now, expect to make $1 a month in mid 2014 if you don’t upgrade to terahash equipment now, and hope that the price stay steady at $1000, a lot of speculation indicated, and make sense, that Bitcoin BTC price will never go as high as $5K ever! why? because the decimal point of Bitcoin is very hard to calc. and doesn’t seems to make much sense to use such high decimal point. 0.000000001234BTC does it make sense to you?

Litecoin at the moment and will continue to align with Bitcoin. LTC and BTC have a 100% conversion rate, meaning if Bitcoin goes up 10%, Litecoin goes up 10%, the opposite is the same. So look like this good news for GPU miners, if you don’t mind paying for electricity. We’re talking about paying $1000 electricity to make $1000 today, which is still good as opposite to months ago, mining litecoin cost $1000 in electricity but you make $1000, the profit isn’t there.