Bitcoin Litecoin whatever crypto coin you have all doesn’t look good

Last week, there was a big jump of Bitcoin > $250 for 1 BTC, well today and over the past few days or even weeks, it has gone back to double digit, barely reach upper double digit, doesn’t look good. However, don’t loose faith though, it appears that this type of trend are normal, it had happened in the past, it went up high then went down real low then one day go up again then down again.

So based on this, people should pay attention and when it goes up again, sell it, make big profit then buy again when it’s real low. That’s how we should play. Waisting $5000 to buy mining equipment I think it’s better to use $5000 to buy BTC, today $5K would get you 71BTC, and within weeks the BTC will go back up to $250, sell it make $17,500 then you can pocket $12K and use the $5K to buy again and then trade again when it goes up. Don’t waste your money mine the bitcoin, it’s not worth it!