Bitcoin Mining BTC miner equipment Black Friday deals BFL Butterfly Labs

For all Bitcoin BTC mining miners enthusiast, get ready, Black Friday deals on Bitcoin BTC mining equipment are here. BFL Butterfly lab dropped the prices of their equipment by 25%, get ready to get them, it’s a good deal. I highly recommend get the one that they have stock to ship, don’t get pre-order, it could be painful for those that cannot care the waiting time or wrong estimated time.

Butterfly Lab has been known for broken promises and wait time if way off, from 2 months to almost 1 year before people whom ordered later got their equipment. However the deal on BFL butterfly lab, 2 of them appears to be stock inventory for immediate shipment, while 2 of them are back order the 64nm chips or so they call. I wouldn’t place an order for that because it is not clear on when they will ship, and they mentioned that they cannot guaranteed and also indicated that if you cannot wait or cannot cope with wrong estimate, then don’t order it.

Anyhow, watch for it tonight, your time 12AMĀ