Bitcoin mining summer time in the Northeast 2013

Here’s my prediction. AS of today, spring time, the temperature outside about 80 F indoor almost the same, 79 F, however in the basement for where I have all my super computers GPUs doing Bitcoin mining, the temperature rise, even I kept the vent or basement slider door open fully all night to let cool air in, then thought I could close it just before noon time to keep the air cool down in the basement, ERR wrong! doesn’t work, as soon as I closed the basement door about 30 minutes later I went down the basement and the air cool air gone, the temperature start to rise hotter than outside air.

Prediction? yes this summer it’s gonna be hell down there, and I must turn on the AC which will cost more money, so mining for bitcoin still worth it? you betcha as long as the price stay about $100 and keep on going up, although maybe I will be paying $500 a month for electricity, but my BTC worth $1000 a month, I profit $500 that’s still good for doing nothing but just keeping the computer on right? LOL

Yeah no doubt, I will be paying extras lots of extras money for keeping the basement and house cool due to the excessive heat GPU generated, and I don’t Butterfly Labs shipping my 30GH/s Asic anytime soon or if they will ever ship them or when I get them the level of difficulty for mining Bitcoin rise so high that even a 30GH/s barely making $1 a day LOL 🙂 what  a waste huh? well you can always mine Litecoin and exchange for Bitcoin, or simply sell all your GPU on ebay to get some money back, but for ASIC owner too bad your ASIC will be a piece of junk, it cannot do anything else beside mining Bitcoin, it cannot even mine Litecoin LOL.