Bitcoin rallies! make up one day loss can it continue to make up the loss?

It does seems strange that when bad news came Bitcoin price skyrocketed. Just like this morning, Washing Post posted an article indicating Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme, which is straight bad news right? Well yes indeed it was, but then guess what? Bitcoin price skyrocketed, well not really, it is making up a day loss, hope that it will continue to make up the loss, talking about volatile!

As I have mentioned on previous blogs and also in the bitcoin related chat room and forums. Bitcoin cannot go below $25-$50, it is impossible, because at that price we will see a surge on people buying Bitcoin and will cause the price to go high again. Well I guess I was close enough. Bitcoin hit $150 lowest since beginning of 2013, then went up 30%. Bitcoin at the moment maintaining its $200 position as people are pouring in to buy bitcoin, let’s hope the momentum keeps on going.