Bitcoin wallet computer crashed no back up 5 Bitcoins loss?

First of all, 5 Bitcoins as of today worth about $500 or more. The computer that hold this wallet was a reliable computer i7 with SSD, very strong, but all of a sudden it no longer responded. I tried everything I can without messing around with the hard drive, turn off, leave it off, turn back on nothing, remove all hardware, reboot, nothing, the end the error message pops up saying Windows cannot boot something, there was recently device changes, need to repair the OS via installation disk, I tried that it didn’t repair either.

Then I took the SSD out and put it on my external encloser for SSD, it detected the drive but the drive was somehow wiped clean, like it got formatted clean, wiped clean nothing showing up except empty space of 120GB, and another partition with System Restored, but I’m sure that’s useless. So I downloaded one of the free data recovery software and it’s working right now, look like it will take another couple of hours to see if it can detect any recovery. All I want is the Bitcoin wallet backup, everything else can be destroyed I don’t mind. I’m praying that I can recover the Bitcoin wallet, if not $500 will be loss forever, I’m going to have to assume that it’s gone $500

So what’s next? yes many of you have repeated recommendation to back up your bitcoin on a reliable USB thumb drive, better yet, multiple backup, hard back up, don’t store it online back up. Well now I know, but too late, penalty of $500 gone with wind. I will be having multiple back up and off course hard back up I’m even thinking of on rewritable CD ROM LOL, maybe not that’s just crazy. Anyhow, I learn a hard lesson, hope someone reading this, go do yourself a favor if you have bitcoin wallet, back it up in multiple places not on a computer but on a thumbdrive or something cannot be accessed online on the internet, physical back up to be exact.

My guess is that my computer got hacked. The hacker stole all the Bitcoins, and whatever is on that computer then formatted that computer hard drive clean so cannot trace the hackers foot print what they’re doing in the computer.

Bitcoin e wallet computer hard drive crashed wiped cleaned format by hackers?

Bitcoin e wallet computer hard drive crashed wiped cleaned format by hackers?