Black Friday BFL Butterfly Labs did anyone got the 600 gh/s

Last night was surely exciting. Well for me, I had two BFL Butterfly Labs equipment, one was purchased directly from BFL 6 months ago and received it couple months a go, it was 30 GH/s, then I purchased a 60 GH/s from Ebay. Previously I had  14 USB Eruptors, and before that I use GPUs and way before that I use CPUs. The sad news is that I sold all my coins every time I got them, so apparently the price reached $1000 per BTC, too late I sold my BTC too early, so sad. Anyhow, daily I can still generate good amount of income, like $100 USD per day if I cash them out daily, and only if the BTC price stay at $1000 + per BTC that is. In which many people predict it will always go up, so maybe I should start keeping them starting today 🙂

At the same time I also mined Litecoin, still only with GPU, and in fact I think I profit a lot more daily with GPU. Factoring out the electricity cost, I still make good profit like a couple hundreds dollars a day daily now with 7000 kh/s, well if the Litecoin price stay steady at $30-$40 or higher that is. However many people speculate that both BTC and LTC are at the bubble stage, some argued that and saying both Bitcoin and Litecoin is at it correct price. Seems optimistic.

OK so back to the BFL Black Friday last night. After so many attempts I finally got the 600 gh/s on order and will be sending in the Wire Transfer sometime this week or next, trying to fund my bank. 600 gh/s I’m estimating I will get it before summer next year 2014, perhaps by May I hope. The problem with mining Bitcoin now a day is to keep upgrading mining equipment, and the thing about this is that, how do we know the manufacturer don’t mine bitcoin before sending it to its customers?