BTC Bitcoin down down down to the 70s today

As mentioned on previous blog entries, Bitcoin BTC is dying, pretty soon not even ASIC miner will be profitable. If you still mine Bitcoin with GPU, you must be nuts! or not knowing the news about Bitcoin movements. A lot of bad news lately with Bitcoin, and it’s getting big attention, investors are backing off, sell all their Bitcoin, and invest on something else, even they’re loosing money by selling Bitcoins.

$5 is the target for Bitcoin sooner or later, GPU miner should turned off all their equipment immediately if not done so. People whom invest in ASIC Hardware or something more advance should think about their investments, when they actually get their hardware to mine, would it still be profitable, how long would the return for investment (ROI) be? Again those people whom are still mining Bitcoin with GPUs are either doesn’t know what the news are for Bitcoin going down the hill, or just taking great risk hope for one day Bitcoin will go above $100 again.