vs. wins! slow pending transactions orders opens for days

For those of you still mining alternative coins other than Bitcoin and Litecoin, you might wonder where to exchange your alternate coins to Bitcoin. Well! my personal opinion, don’t use, it is so slow, ordering pending forever. I switched over to Cryptsy orders executed immediately instantly like Btc-e. Well the coins that I tried to exchange are Dogecoin, I just switched over from Litecoin LTC, as it no longer profitable to mine, not as much as Dogecoin. I was trying to mine Digitalcoin at first but somehow my GPU doesn’t like it, so I ended up now mining Dogecoin. It was difficult to exchange Dogecoin to Bitcoin on

I also switched to mining Terracoin TRC instead of Bitcoin, as Bitcoin difficulty level rise, it’s hard to make money, so the alternative coins to mine with BFL or ASIC equipment SHA-256 are Terracoin TRC and PPC, has higher value a bit more profitable. However be careful, make sure you can exchange your PPC or TRC to Bitcoin easily so that you can cash out, if you’re a daily miner exchanger like me 🙂