Buy Buy Buy Bitcoin BTC people it’s below $80 now

Bitcoin had dropped dramatically, not sure why, but I think those ASIC have something to do with it. Butterfly Labs had been shipping large volume of miners, these miners are hundreds of times faster than typical GPU miner. So I wonder if it has anything to do with it, people get scared and sold all their Bitcoins that why the price drop, and hope eventually it will get caught up again.

Many people see the price drop, their personality and hope probably dropped as well. Yeah it’s typical but don’t worry, I think it will go back up again some day 🙂 When I saw the price of BTC rise to over $250 I was all excited and convert all my computers to Bitcoin miner, but today the price went down to $80, I started to loose hope and get nervous, on top of that BFL started massive production and shipping of ASICs