Crypto coin mining for alternative coins using CPU and GPU still practical versus Bitcoin and Litecoin

A good source of crypto coin mining comparison on your profit is a website name¬†¬†This is a very good website, very basic, but yet to the point of what most people are looking for with not too much detail needed. Basically you enter your kH/s speed, or mH/s or gH/s … then enter your power usage in watts and then how much per kilowatts cost for your electric bill. It will give you the result of what you could make mining certain crypto coins.

Base on that information and the facts that Bitcoin no longer feasible to mine with even the most powerful computer, the most powerful GPU such as the 7990, still not good enough since the difficulty level rise so high now, you would need ASIC and the next generation of Asic or later models. However with other alternative crypto coins such as Litecoin (LTC) you can still mine with GPU. Digitalcoin has been moving up fast, it’s as good as Litecoin in term of value.

Digitalcoin DGC difficulty level very low, people can still mine with CPU and off course GPU, however the conversion rate to LTC BTC or cash it out is pretty much the same as Litecoin. Bottom line, you can still mine crypto coin with computers CPU and GPU, just don’t mine Bitcoin with it even if you get free electricity.