Damn it’s hot today 100s maybe here in the East Coast AC run non stop and so does Bitcoin Mining

Will my electric bill be in the thousand this month? I’m averaging 12,000mh/s Bitcoin mining, that’s a lot of electricity mining with GPU while waiting for my ASIC from Butterfly Lab if it ever shipped this year, probably next year in FEB or Mar. Oh well. Summer time, the temperature rise above 90 degree outside, while inside AC keep the house cool but Bitcoin mining produced so much heat that the AC work twice as hard to cool down the house, my electric bill quad triple lately, waiting for officials to come inspect the house for growing pot lol.

Anyhow, I’m not making much money with Bitcoin mining, but at least it pay off the electric bill and some left over to purchase some thread at coingeneration.com and who knows when their operation will end. All great risk, but at least I’m not loosing money LOL. That’s a good thing, at the moment I realize I’m loosing money, believe me, I’ll be far from ending the operation.