Did anyone had a heart attack yesterday after Bitcoin BTC jumped to over $250 then went back down to $150?

Well for all of you whom are watching BTC price daily if not minutes, you probably witness the instability of BTC, unregulated trading of Bitcoin. Many say that the newbies or also know as noobs or so … bought and sold, buy low sell high, and buy again low and sell high kept on repeating the process since it’s not regulated. I’m talking about people money here, millionaire doing a day trade if not hours or minutes trade. However unlikely possible because the limit has been capped for most trader of Bitcoin to cash their cash, $10K max a month. So even if you won million, but probably not gonna be able to withdraw all at once easily, but it is possible to withdraw all, due to loops and holes.

Anyhow as for me, it does make me wonder, if this were to happen later in the future, since I have spent numerous time and effort on building my rigs to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin, well I guess I can always sells the hardware, get at least 50% back? right? I think so too 🙂

I think the future of BTC will get higher but I’m afraid that many merchants will get banned by the government or the government will put regulation on merchant whom does business with BTC such as mtGOX.