Friendly reminder do not buy pre-order Bitcoin BTC miner that have no guarantee delivery date

Just a friendly reminder as I have monitored multiple forums and blog including chat room on Bitcoin BTC miners equipment. A definitely NO! Do Not Order Pre-Order Bitcoin Miner equipment if the delivery date is not guarantee. Take example for Butterfly Lab BFL Bitcoin miner, all of you whom placed late orders by now you still haven’t received them yet and even if you received them today, you do the match, will you really making money or just for the ROI return of investments?

Let’s take a look at folks whom ordered BFL equipment in March 2013, and today is August or September 2013, it’s been 6 months and BFL have not even shipped all backed order from July 2012 yet, when will your March order be shipped? in 2 months? 4 months? 6 months? no one really know. The point is even if you get your 30GH/s Single SC today, you barely make enough money for return of investments money that you spent 7 months ago. 7 months ago you spent $700, if you were to invest that $700 on something else, I think you would be more happy and enjoyable versus the painful waiting of repeated broken promises after promises and by the time you got the equipment, it will take you 6 or more months to even get your money back let alone making any profit.

The point I’m trying to make here is, if you want pre-order, you must know that you’re the first batch of people, meaning that the first batch manufacturer such as BFL KNCMiner and so on are making and shipping, otherwise you will be on a long waiting list and by the time you get the equipment you’re not in the profitable bucket, and as the BTC Bitcoin difficulty level rise, you will be making pennies versus big dollars. Especially today, more and more ASIC with super Hashing power in the 500GH/s if all the first batch hit the market you are making crap money! Anyhow once again, make sure you do your homework, calculate your ROI and if you really going to profit when you get your miner equipment. Make sure that you know exactly or close to exactly date that you will get your equipment and look at the level of difficulty for mining.

My recommendation today is if you have money better to buy Bitcoin BTC on MTGOX and play it like day trading more fun, or just buy and forget about it, it will go up right now pretty low $100, it was at $250 before and chances are it will go up!.