Gold at its lowest price might be a good time to buy

When talking about gold it kind of tied back to my many hobbies, one of them is Bitcoin mining and also Litecoin mining. The way to extract Bitcoin and Litecoin similar to the old days and probably today also, we would need to go find it, determine where it is and with proper tools we can dig it up. Exception with Bitcoin Litecoin, we would need a powerful hashing power machine to mine these crypto coins similar to gold. Bitcoin price risen fast, too late to buy I guess since we don’t know if it will hold such high price, some even say it will go to $10,000 per coin, but there are also some say that it may go down to $1 per coin.

Anyhow, the price of gold is at it’s all time low. Well at least in the past weeks, so it’s a good investment if anyone have money, buy it and when it goes back up consider to sell it, and then buy again when it’s at all time low.