How’s my Litecoin and Bitcoin mining status?

Bitcoin BTC will soar to $100 soon in 2013

Bitcoin BTC will soar to $100 soon in 2013

Well? Mining for Litecoin on my i7 CPU sucks. Why is the Hash rate so low? 30 kh/s average, what the hell? Anywhow I got three i7 doing mining at 6 thread per system and average about 1 LTC per 24 hours I mean that really sucks! I’m thinking of shutting it down, I don’t think it’s worth it, wasting a lot of electricity because everytime the CPU goes to 90% or so, the wattage went up like 400 watts, that’s crazy!, that’s a total of 1200 watts constant. I don’t think mining with CPU is a good idea with Litecoin either, I think GPU can do much better job.

As for Bitcoin, I just got 1 system up, 1 XFX 7970 GPU card and mine at average speed of 550 MH/s, I think that’s pretty good for not overclocking anything and the GPU card is cool.

I have a HIS 7970 card also, and man, this card is super loud, even with the computer in the basement, I can hear it up stair. It’s loud because of the single fan I think trying to cool it, and man that fan I must say like a jet engine or something, it’s loud and strong. I left it on for a couple hours then gave up, because it’s too loud, I might need to bring it out to the garage or somewhere outside LOL. Anyhow I totally took that HIS card out, and currently only using the XFX 7970.

For Bitcoin, I calculated.  $90 per month on this car, and if I have 6 of this card, I will be making $540 LOL dream on. I barely have 1 card 1 system on and I think the electricity will be an arm and a leg lol.

per Day฿0.06 $2.97

per Week฿0.40 $20.77

per Month฿1.73 $90.18