I am glad that no one fall for this crap on ebay selling a BFL Bitcoin mining unit SGL300G for $1K

I strongly believe that most if not all Bitcoin miner people are computer literate and they’re not stupid to fall into scam fraud like this one. Basically someone on ebay with an ebay account that have 0% percent feedback or transaction, trying to sell a pre-order Butterfly Labs┬áSGL300G model for $1,500 USD, the ebay post detail appears to be real and legit, but we’re not dumb to fall for it, at the end of the auction no bidder no one fail for it.

Here are my opinion:

  1. It’s a scam because the ebay user is a fake, taking your money and run, you and ebay can’t do crap about it. Yeah you can say ebay system protect you and you get your money back, well not in this case buddy.
  2. Even if the item is real, when the seller receive the item from ebay, he/she will hold on to it mining as many Bitcoin as possible when he/she no longer able to mine and make profit, he/she will ship it to you and by that time your unit is crap, it worth nothing, you probably make $2 a month, that’s right! 2 lousy dollar because even with 30GH/s unit but the difficulty level rise so high can’t make crap.
  3. In addition, even with the ebay seller with many transactions and 100% feedback, don’t believe that either, check the feedback details, it could be fake, meaning the sellers buys a bunch of 99 cents items, cost him/her $20 to get 20 100% positive feedback and that $20 probably stolen from somewhere as well. Anyhow the user now have 20 positive feedback and all he need now is to catch a big fish like post to sell ASIC Butterfly Labs pre-order, sell like 10 for each ebay account, and make 100 fake ebay account to sell 1000 $1000 = $1Million pocket.

I’m happy that many Bitcoin miners are computer literate and can detect a scam fraud easily, here’s the link to the auction whoever the seller is LOL.


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