I could have make $6K of 50 BTC today

Today my Bitcoin minder rigs, many of them, well two of them found a block each. So each block worth 25 BTC confirmed, based on today’s value $115, 2 blocks worth 50 BTC close to $6k, wow huh!? Well too bad, it’s a Bitcoin pool mining, for slush pool actually, imagine if I do solo mine, I would have kept these 50 BTC to myself LOL.

The other day, last week I found one block. So total so far for one month of Bitcoin mining at 8000mh/sI would have make 75BTC, and these 75BTC if could be $20K if the price rise back up to $250 again 🙂 LOL. Dream on I guess. Making me now want to mine solo, but it’s all about luck, if I go solo now, I could be making nothing for months and months and that’s not cool 🙂 I rather stick with the pool, other people found blocks too and I get a piece of it based on my hashing power.