If Bitcoin died will coingeneration.com down with it?

How about this speculation. Coingeneration.com has been around probably a year or so, and been popular lately on youtube.com people are making youtube video about coingeneration.com hoping the viewer will click on their affiliate links so they can make money, but the sad thing is the people whom made the videos are the folks whom never really buy into any threads at coingeneration.com, because they’re smart enough to know it’s a risk. But, they still make the videos to get people to click on their link so they can make money taking zero risk making big 20% commission per threads at coingeneration.com

Back to the main question, will coingeneration.com died with Bitcoin or when Bitcoin value is so low? the answer is: probability of coingeneration.com died before Bitcoin died is greater than coingeneration.com died with Bitcoin at the same time. Bitcoin will probably not totally died, but it will sit at $5 a BTC for a long time hope one day someone will bring it back up. As for coingeneration.com it will probably died when Bitcoin down to the level where they can no produce profit, but these are just speculation, we don’t really know what coingeneration do with the money we buy the threads, nor if we know how long we will continue to get paid $1 a thread a day. These are all great risks! like betting at a casino card game table, in this case it’s in the comfort of your own home with some reassurance.