Is hope loss for Bitcoin price to stay at least in the 200s?

It appears so, that hope for Bitcoin price to stay at least even in the 200s appears to be lost. At this moment according to Coinbase and other Exchange showing up on bitcoinwisdom, the value or price of Bitcoin is at 230s and keeps falling.

2014 no doubt was Bitcoin was the worst investments. 2015 appears to be heading in the wrong direction, dropped more than 2014. With the price of Bitcoin dropped crashed, due to whatever reason selling is more than buying. Could it be the 19 thousands hacked Bitcoin from Bitstamp? hackers are selling them now?

Some say Bitcoin going up and down is healthy, and I agreed. However Bitcoin isn’t going up or down, it’s going down – one direction, now that’s disturbing. I don’t mean to add another negative blog about Bitcoin, but it seems reality now.

It seems like Bitcoin price above $100 was a bubble. Similar to the .com days IPO stock market sky rocketed, then it crashed down for almost 10 years today and still hasn’t regain back at all. That is with Bitcoin today also. Bitcoin back in 2013-2014 sky rocketed, then start falling toward 2015 and still going down, and chances are it will hit below $100 and stay there just like the stock market bubble.