It appears that Butterfly Labs shipped development units to some people

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I saw some blog post and twitters indicated that Butterfly Labs shipped a few units, at least one that I see unboxing and test run posted on youtube, whether it’s true or not hard to say.

It’s not easily believable due to the facts that Butterfly Labs kept on delaying their ASICs equipments, and furthermore changes the price and speed of their Bitcoin mining equipment. I actually ordered a ASIC Single I think that’s what they call, the 30 GH/s system for about $600 if I recall back correctly. I don’t expect they ship anytime soon nor if they will ever ship them, my $600 investment back in early March 2013. Many people ordered as early as July 2012 and still didn’t get it yet so I don’t expect mine anytime soon.

Yes indeed a lot of complaint and even speculation on it being a scam that Butterfly Labs will either kept on updating their forum or blog it as being delayed day after day, weeks, months, and now close to a year still no confirmation of anyone getting the unit mining. The more I think about it, it dawn on me that even if it’s legit and truly will ship soon, wouldn’t someone at Butterfly Labs use it as much as they can to mine as many Bitcoin as they can when the difficulty level rise they will start shipping it to the customer, would they do that? I don’t see why not? and we would not know.

So people whom ordered way before I do, back in July 2012 or so and didn’t get it, I don’t expect mine anytime soon, and do believe they’re legit, but for some reasons they cannot have it shipped yet.

Butterfly Labs ASICs development unit shipped and received April 20th 2013

Butterfly Labs ASICs development unit shipped and received April 20th 2013