It’s 24 hours later now and Digital Generation have not verified my account yet

I signed up at last night, same time, and as of now I just click on account validation verified status to get a free thread, but nothing, nada, it said “Verification code was sent to your number. Send this code back to us via SMS” which I did last night, and I just checked my cell phone sms text and indeed I did responded. So far no luck, they’re not verifying it, which doesn’t make sense because it should happen immediately, somehow they’re lagging or they’re just doing it on purpose saying that they will give a free thread for one month, which will probably will not going to happen. I checked the chat section, went on the chat and a bunch of people have the same problem, way over 24 hours and they still didn’t get their account verified. That’s to you people, watch out! I will surely keep you update on the ┬ástatus. Meanwhile I’m still mining bitcoin, although the price drop and the difficulty level rise but at least so far I’m not loosing money, hope to get the BFL single soon, at least Bitcoin is more legit.


*** Update: I thought I might give it another try by requesting to re-send the activation code, and I responded again, nothing happen, I guess will wait again, it’s been over 24 hours. Doesn’t look good!

*** Update: Successful verification, after I did the resend code. Hmm I wonder happen the first time. My guess is when they send you the code, you must respond immediately. Or do it while it’s operating hours in California time.