Just ordered another S2 1TH/s Bitmain Bitcoin miner from Amazon.com for $1800

The price on these S1 1TH/s Bitmain Bitoin miner are going down quick fast! and people have this hobby might want to consider get it before BFL and KNCminer start shipping their powerful Bitcoin miner that would push the Bitcoin mining difficulty, double even triple, making mining for Bitcoin will be so difficult. So get it now. But wait! Here are some tips on buying your Bitcoin Cryptocoin mining hardware.

  1. Make sure to buy it from reputable seller that good rating, check on bitcointalk.com
  2. If you buy from Amazon and ebay, read the seller’s rating, and contact the seller first before buying. Contact the seller asking them when they can ship and provide tracking #.
  3. It’s ok to buy used miner hardware but ensure to ask the seller that he/she guaranteed it work. You don’t want a miner that get delivered broken or plug in mine for 10 minutes then up in smoke.
  4. These miners once it’s shipped, most likely you cannot return it. First it’s very heavy! Secondly the seller will not take it back because you mined some coins and taking advantage of the return policy, or abuse it to be exact. Very difficult to get it back. I don’t know complaint on ebay or amazon would help.
  5. Bottom line, contact the seller before complete the purchase, if item not shipped, ,no tracking # provided, you can cancel the order.