Bitcoin BTC miner super high mining speed shipping in September 2013?

Well folks, another Bitcoin BTC miner had announced their shipping date. This time it’s the, with a minimum speed of BTC mining at 100GH/s for a fraction of the cost of ASIC Butterfly Lab miner. Butterfly Lab barely shipped their 5GH/s Jalapenos and people aren’t making much money mining with it because of the BTC price drop and level difficulty rise, in fact I saw a lot being sell on ebay now, as people who own the BFL 5GH/s Jalapeno don’t see much profit when compare with selling the device on ebay that can go up to $6-$7K, profit more selling on ebay than mining it themselves, then simply take $1k out of it to order for a 100GH/s or more for just about $1k, it’s a smart move from BFL 5GH/s bitcoin miner. appears to be visible to the Bitcoin community, and off course legit as BFL, are widely open for discussion all over Bitcoin forums such as Bitcointalk, so look like BFL have a competitor there, and looks like BFL will crashed and burned due to their poor estimate of shipping date, while kncminer learned from BFL experience not to make same mistake, they do it carefully, and appears to provide a much more accurate shipping date window of September 2013, and I bet by then BFL I wouldn’t be surprise still have a tons of backlog either holding the equipment to mine bitcoin for themselves or just totally honestly slow progress.

In any case, the future of Bitcoin is blurry, here and there Government involvement and kept a close watch on it, Liberty Reserve got shut down, Dwolla and OKay and others stop accepting Bitcoin related service, and I don’t hear much update on Bitcoin ATM anymore.