Litecoin LTC will be on MtGOX pretty soon are you ready?

Although there were some priority that mtgox had to do pushing the go live LTC Litecoin exchange a little bit further behind. As of now, I can say that for everyone whom have GPU in hand couldn’t sell them on ebay for good price, there are still hope for you with Litecoin mining. However when you congfigure Litecoin for mining, make sure you get the max out of it. I heard that Litecoin mining put more stress on your GPU than Bitcoin, so watch out for errors and overheating.

I believe this is good news, mtgox among the largest bitcoin exchange for cash. In the US campbx still leading and in compliance so not to worry much. Mtgox used to do business here in the USA as well but also gone away due to compliance issue, its license to operate here in the USA was revoke, although a Japanese operated business popular in Europe and Russia.

So get your GPU back up and running, mine LTC Litecoin before it’s too late like Bitcoin. Bitcoin again level difficulty rise dramatically and it will not stop it will keep soaring as those ASIC shipped and new ASIC being developed with amazing speed of 600GH/s GPU size hardware.