Litecoinpool up and down today?

I don’t know what going on with litecoinpool today, but it’s been up and down, so I decided to hop back on the bitcoin mining business. Over the past couple days or so, Bitcoin pool such as slush been up and down also due to ddos attack, but it appears to be stable. What I did was mine both bitcoin and litecoin at the same time to compare the result, however due to up and down ddos attack and so forth, I think I should stick with just one.

Stick with Bitcoin until those Asics are online which will cause the difficulty level to sky rocket, at that point I will jump to litecoin mining, but guess what, a lot of people will jump to litecoin or other coin mining also, however some may sell their rig, so at that time we will probably see a lot of GPU video cards on ebay for sell real cheap 🙂