Make a lot of sense article written about BFL Bitcoin miner Butterfly Labs

I read this article from Butterfly labs forum, I believe it made a lot of sense.

BFL is really trying to hide its incompetence by banning long time investors??? Really???

I’ve been investor since last summer (yes investor, cause ASIC-s where developed and built with my and other preorder peoples money). Now when I pointed out that it took them weeks instead of promised days for motherboard revision exchange I was banned. So I had to make a new user, but now I just look like pro BFL trolls (presumably BFL emplyees) that have made 1-2 posts and all hailing BFL and telling others to get banned or ask refund etc.

I was willing to give more money to BFL, when they deliver in April, but since I dont have it, they wont get any more money from me. And its a good thing, cause they screwed us all big time:

1) delivering in 2 weeks promises for 8 months now

2) bashing competitors for having higher power requirements (and now they are sitting on that bomb themselves)

3) bashing and mocking its own investors for not talking perfect english

4) several competitors beat them on asic building (BFL promised to be the first with their big mouth, remember) and now since avalon sold hundreds of thousands chips (maybe even millions now) in couple of days, we are all screwed. BFL too.

5) asicminers usb miners are out, and yes, I bought already

6) asicminer selling 10ghash mining devices now all the time, no more auctions and yes, I bought already

5) 1/3 shipping plan is screwed, cause they cant build their machines (one of my orders in that 1/3 plan, other is not)

6) vouchers are pointless if they are adjusted to new prices (all my orders are voucher eligible). Cause even if somone orders now, they wont get the unit this year…atleast from BFL. Although BFL is telling lies to all who order that they get it in 2 months. They wont. If someone wants somthing, then BFL-s competitors is the way to go, costs more, but atleast you get it faster.

7) Even Josh failed seppeku

8) BFL is total failure, other competitors are out there with working products.

I just want to get my gear and never-ever want to deal with BFL EVER again. Their lack of incompetence, no updates etc is unbareable. As a company and in PR they are total failure. Hope others learn from BFL mistakes and there wont be so incompetent companys any more.