Minersource.net delivered g-blade and how I got it set up to mine ASAP!

My experience with Minersource.net was positive, and I’m aiming to continue doing business with them.

AS previously blogged, I placed an order for 5 g-blad gridseed miner, and got a called from Minersource to validate credit card information, and I asked for ETA and they said by next week. Well yesterday was the beginning of next week and I got it. Furthermore I was notified that my order was shipped and also the tracking # was given where I can track, in this case was USPS. Delivered flawlessly in new condition.

So I got the 5 G-Blade yesterday Monday 6/9, was busy working, didn’t get a chance to set it up the same day, however I did test one unit and indeed was brand new, can smell it, carefully cushioned package, no sign of it being pre-mined, if they did mined some coins already, they did a good job of repackaging it. The first unit I test with, I have no power adapter or anything like that, luckily that same day I got a package of 2.1mm barrel plug was delivered and I was a little skeptic because the 2.1mm for security camera power, and the G-Blade mentioned in some forum saying it uses 2.5mm plug. Well guess what? the 2.1mm fits as good. I immediately prepare a 1000 watts computer power supply which I have onhand from the GPU mining days haven’t got rid of all of it yet. I manually connected the power, using several tools, an ohm meter to measure voltage and polarity ensue negative and positive are correctly connected and power delivered was in the 12+ Volt range. Secured the bare wire poke it into the female PCI-e power cable and hook it up to the G-blade with the fan, and voila! the fan turned on.

Next I need a few USB mini cable, standard one I can find, luckily I have a few lying around the house and hook it up to the computer.It detected! yay! but sadly incorrect driver, and I tried various driver as blogged by other blogger on how they setup the usb for the g-blade. In the end, the one USB driver that work for me is the┬ázadig_2.1.0 driver, this one is awesome! so highly recommend to save you time. Reboot the computer after installing the USB driver. Downloaded the CGminer and start mining but boooo!!! device not detected. No worries, since I know the computer detecting the g-blade gridseed but the cgminer doesn’t, so all I did was unplug just the USB cables from all the g-blade, while cgminer running with no device found, simply plug back in the usb cables one by one and wait for it to detect and voila! I’m up and mining. 5.2mh/s exactly for each box.

So far the G-Blade runs very cool, I constantly checked the temperature all over the hardware with laser temperature check. So far it’s cool and I was able to power all fice g-blade with a single 850Watts power supply. Total of 26mh/s using about 600-700 watts look like it. Windows 7 64 bits. I’m not expecting to get my ROI back in 3 months, look like it will take 6 months, but after that should be all cash, and also if Bitcoin goes up, my portfolio will look good as well. Electricity cost cut 90% I’m sure.