S1 Bitmain Bitcoin 180GH/s miner over clock update

Well it’s been almost a week and all 8 of my bitcoin miner S1 from Bitmain tech are working as expected. Even I just overclocked to run 200GH/s each flawlessly without the dual fan, just a big giant fan blowing on those 8 S1. The temperature has been 40s to 50s, the max I saw was 54C, but it dropped as the room temperature rise up and down. The weather has been very hot and humid, 90s above. Today it cool down a bit.

I constantly checked the S1 miner temperature physically with a RF temperature detection and also on the web base. People reported their miner ran fine at 55-60c overclocked for months, so I hope mine does the same. Will have to see. It’s all new by the way! Except for one I got from Amazon for $264 shipped, all dirty, dust all over the miner and the board or blades were loose. I took it apart and air cleaned it. Put everything back together tighten it, power it up, factory reset, set it up and voila, mining, even on overclock. So far these 8 miners gave me a total of 1600GH/s showing up on btcguild.com.

Power usage is another story, but let just say that I only use half the PSU that I have for the GPU which were retired a month ago, now selling on Ebay. So electricity should be half than what I used to pay. However I’m still paying monthly on a few credit cards with lower interest.