With the price of BTC rise it’s so tempting to just cash out?

I’ve been monitoring the Bitcoin price BTC, it has risen to over $145 based on mtgox website, it’s very tempting for me to wanting to cash out what BTC I have now, I did purchased it at $119 per BTC, now rise to $145 +, but the question would be, why? and what will I do with the money? wait until it goes down and buy again? nahhh doesn’t work that way. Especially with the limit MtGox enforced, only $1000 per transaction withdrawal, meaning if i want to withdraw bank wire it would cost me $40 to get $1000, I’m not sure what to do yet. If I sell it now for $145 each and then set to buy at $140, I might profit HMMM!!! OK let’s think.

I’ve seen gone up and down constantly. The problem is I don’t really know if it will hold or go up or down. Let say I sold 25 at $145, I would pocket about $3625, then buy it at $140 if it goes down that low again, and then sell it when it goes back up, well? not really, there’s  a lot of luck involve 🙂 hmm should I tried? what the hec. Let’s monitor mtgox.