[Chat room disappeared] Geniuscapital.net chatroom disappeared

For few days already, I no longer see Geniuscapital Chat room. I thought it was temporary down for maintenance, however that does not seems to be the case. It is complete dead for the past few days, so look like no chat room, it’s a NO GO. What I noticed is that the chat room appears to be boring, no one in there, and probably why reason Geniuscapital.net abandon that module look like it.

Check back again tomorrow same time, I will update you on the payout withdrawal request pending. See if it will go through. The pending request was a $30 profit and $50 commission, all on STP, solidtrustpay. Tune in again tomorrow same time here, 24 hours from now to see if Geniuscapital.net will follow through what they’re saying, manually approve the ones that got stuck in pending.