As I’ve predicted Credit Card Funding & Payza Payments problem with Digital Generation

As I’ve predicted on previous post, sooner or later, payza and similar service will suspend services with coingeneration. It is the reason why paypal will never can get implemented or integrated with Paypal is strictly US based company, they will not do business such as and eventually all services coingeneration use to transfer money will suspend them as well. So watch out! many people speculated that coingeneration will shut down operation soon, this is a read flag! payza is one of the best next to paypal, now ended its service with dingital generation, a lot of money get freeze can’t move anywhere the users would have to work it out and hopefully will get released! This reminded me of Dwolla and MtGOX ended it’s operation in the USA.

Credit Card Funding & Payza Payments
Dear Members,
We are currently switching to another credit card processing solution and will provide direct credit card funding within the next week. Taking into account recent restrictions that Payza has applied to our account
we see no possibility to use them as a payment processor for our future needs. We shall advise members how to proceed with their recent Payza deposits shortly, as an alternative payment solution we suggest to use Paxum or EgoPay for now.
Present circumstances may cause some temporarily limitations on payouts that were processed via Payza before, we have already taken all actions to provide bank transfer withdrawals at the lowest fees
and will do our best to complete the integration by Wednesday, July 24th.
We would like to remind all members that management of Digital Generation has no intentions to suspend the operation of the company and therefore all members who are concerned about safety of their earnings are kindly requested to proceed with a refund claim directly with Payza. We have no intentions to keep any funds and would like to avoid any attempts to damage the reputation of the company.
Direct Credit Card payments will allow us to develop an internal secure environment for all processing needs, this is an important step towards future growth of the company which is required to be taken now. We would like to thank all members for their patience in advance as we undergo required changes in our payment method changes.

Have a pleasant weekend,

Digital Generation Staff