Digital Generation alternative similar services money making that is legitimate

Look like failing to meet its expectation, people are calling it a scam, and loosing faith. A new site developing going up on August 15th 2013, full blown on September 2013, get onboard people before it’s too late. I will keep you update daily on the progress and if any fraud scam activities are going on. So please click on link below to register an account so I can make some affiliate money off of you in return I update you and we share our communications as I did on previous post in regards to Digital Generation. Thanks very much!

Notice that at the moment somehow Malwarebytes looking at this website IP # saying it’s a malicious website for some reason, I believe it is because the IP server was previously assigned to a bad website or the webserver was known to have a bad website, or has some kind of software on it that would trigger malwarebytes to intercept as malicious. Anyhow, I disabled malwarebytes temporary and go on the site and register and once done, I received registration email and did full scan on the computer, no malicious malwares virus of any kind found, so must be a glitch temporary.