Digital Generation are banning people chatting asking about news and update not professional

Finally they had it, based on the Chat room at Digital Generation, there were two Admins in there one name “MATADOR” and the other one “Jobaco”, which both are not important since the name can be change at anytime or or could be anyone, the same person or Admin using different name on different rooms. Anyhow, it was a massacre in there, they banned people constantly for asking questions about update, one person even get banned by just asking “is there any beautiful girls in here?” I’m sure he just want to be funny to cool down the chat room, but he got banned. I can tell you that Coingeneration chat is no longer a friendly helpful chat room in there.

I don’t blame the Admins hot temper or they just had it with the users asking them same questions over and over again even making fun with the answer: what is the definition of “soon”? 1 sec ? 1 year? 2 years? 2050? so the buy got banned.

The users are angry and mad, and they have the right to be, because clearly Digital Generation did not deliver what they have estimated or promised. The messages posted on their homepage website was posted on Sunday morning that they will have an update email on that day, but now is Wednesday and still no email update, and the users asked the questions for update in the Chat room, they got banned, banned, a big massacre in the chat room, Admins appears to have no control of the chat room and the only thing they did was banning people from the chat room. This is not a professional company, by the way, there isn’t any document registry that would indicate they’re a company, so they’re not a company. The no longer acted professionally in the chat room.

Then moment later, the chat room appears to be down, no one could connect. Looks like those Admins upset some hackers or hackers want to be or maybe upset the whole community of people using coingeneration so they went look for hackers and prepare to hack website, could this be it? if coingeneration don’t destroy themselves, the hackers would? stay tuned! chat room down Admins went crazy banned people all over for any reasons chat room down Admins went crazy banned people all over for any reasons