Digital Generation DG posted new blog entry in regard to blocked account

This should help some users whom received messages tied to their account being blocked. Don’t get scare, it was a mistake 🙂

Automatic Message System Error
By Joao on Fri, 08/30/2013 – 16:55
Payouts have been temporarily blocked for your account due to one the following reasons:

– damage to thread results/reverse engineering

– fraudulent or suspicious activity of your account

Your account has been blocked due to violation of our terms and conditions, please contact our support team via ticket system to resolve the issue. We will provide an opportunity to resolve the status of your account upon receiving your request.

This message was sent automatically from our automated message system.

The contents of this message are wrong, therefore no account as been blocked before or after the message was sent, therefore there is no need to worry about it as it was sent due to a bug that occured which led to negative values on Available and Current Balances during our maintenance on the website.

Digital Generation Administration.