Digital Generation hit 300,000s registrations

It has been a week or so now that had reached its 300,000s ID#, meaning the # of registrations had reach 300k and going up real fast. This can be easily validated by going into chat website, and look at people’s chat asking for free thread and activation. This can also be check using the linkĀ replace the id# with the #, it’s a referral link.

Almost 90% of the appears to be skeptical and always have the scam fraud in mind about but they buy threads anyways because they get paid, and off course worrying that it will get shut down or run away very soon. This is a very high risk money movements transferring back and forth, eventually someone from high up will flag it as money laundering soon, and the whole operation will get shut down, and hope by then people at least get their initial money back, if the users are lucky, if not, users will loose money forever if not for a few months pending investigations. But again, these are just plain speculation, predication, based on available information obtained and off course by other people on forums, blogs and chat room!