Digital Generation latest update on homepage

Just in case you missed. Homepage of updated this:

Current update
We will be performing a routine maintenance during this weekend, it is normal for some glitches to arise therefore please remain calm if you experience some difficulties accessing your back office.

Apart from that we have exciting news ahead, make sure to check our upcoming “Future Outlook” press release which will be e-mailed out later today.

Once again another great promise that looks promising, but it’s been weeks people have problems with payout and seeing their payments received from threads manager resetted to zeros. Could this really be a glitch? or is it another game that they’re playing to keep the users fee confident here to stay and fixing up problem? or is it true Digital Generation working hard to implement their in-house merchants service where they will no longer rely on third party payment? – if it’s true how much longer will it take? people with 100 threads are saying they have thousands of dollar in balance have no way of request payout.